To educate and train laymen, both within and outside the church, to work for the renewal of the church and a keener sense of calling in the world, by providing them with an ecumenical center and a ministry whereby they will be given an opportunity to study and know the Christian faith and the relationship between faith and life; and to do any and all things which may be necessary or incidental thereto.


To glorify God by helping all people trust in Jesus Christ at all times.


Laymen's Academy is an ecumenical center which offers Bible studies, spiritual direction, fellowship (meals), retreats, and resources for spiritual growth.


Laymen's Academy was founded in 1961 by Rev. David King in Amherst, MA, as Laymen's Academy for Oecumenical Studies (LAOS). King's vision was to begin a "new oecumenical ministry" in the Amherst area which would bring church leaders and lay people together to strengthen connections between faith and life. This original mission remains the same today. Click the image to the right for more about our history.


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